fml moment

Ever had a truly FML moment?.. These examples will make you feel a whole lot better!

We have all had those moments in life when we look to the skies and ask what we have done to deserve it to be happening to us. It could happen to us at any moment in our lives, whilst we are at work, whilst we are at home or perhaps when we are out in public just doing our thing. 

Well, no matter how bad your FML moment feels right at that point in time, there are plenty of other people around the globe holding their head in their hands too. 

To help you to feel a little less like a failure at this thing called life, here are some people who have truly captured the essence of FML! 

Going above and beyond at work

We all want to do our best at work (or at least some of the time that is) but sometimes all that effort can lead to a rather embarrassing situation. Especially when you manage to mix up two separate phrases and make something rather different. 

‘Meant to say “hold on for a second” and “give me a minute” to a customer and it came out as “hold me for a second” what a Monday’ @OFLaCar

An uplifting confession

Modern tech is pretty awesome, but the one thing that it has brought is the issue of not knowing whether someone is talking to you or someone else when they are out and about. How many people have you seen out and about talking on their Bluetooth only to think that they are talking to you? Not too much of a problem, unless they are talking to a loved one. 

‘The elevator doors opened up and a guy walked in the elevator. It was just me and him in there and he said “I love you.” And I’m not rude so I said “I love you too.” He gave me a weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth.’ @RyanLangdon

Probably shouldn’t come with a warning 

Warning people to keep them safe is pretty standard good person behaviour. However, there are times when we deliver a warning only to discover that it is a pretty darn stupid thing to say. Especially when it comes to liquidised food. 

‘One time I went to hand someone a bowl of hot soup and my brain tried to say “careful it’s hot” and “here’s your soup” so instead I blurted out “careful it’s soup”. @tuftyfrog

You too? 

It is a bit of a reflex to say “you too” to someone when they say something to you. Sometimes it works out okay, such as in response to “have a nice day” or maybe even “love you”. However, there are also times when this could work out as a bit of an FML moment. 

‘Yesterday at Target the cashier said “your receipt is in the bag” and I responded with “you too”. So I’ve been dealing with that for the past 18 hours and I am slowly coming to terms with it which is cool.’ @KlondikeBrat

As you can see, no matter how bad a day you are having, there is someone out there in the world who is not only having an equally as bad day, but maybe even a worse one! If that is possible. 


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